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Eurofighter Typhoon
The Eurofighter Typhoon is a modern military aircraft which needs no introduction! His manoeuvrability is outstanding in every way and can happily compete with the famous F22 in a dogfight, despite the absence of thrust vectoring. This X-Plane model attempts to capture the same feeling as the real aircraft, as you will get a sense of what it's like to experience 9-G!

The exterior model is based and adapted to a low poly object which has texturing to rival frame-rate heavy models.
The interior cockpit is also low poly, which ensures basic functionality and no FPS drop during important phases of flight.

Now the flightmodel: I think is the best you can get from this type of aircraft (very unstable configuration with high performances) running in X-Plane without plugin. What you will fly is simply the best tuning of PlaneMaker parameters and Airfoils.

Expecially for Airfoils was fundamental the contribution of
Daniele Capizzi, who made possible to customize Airfoil polars throught his magic Excel spreadsheet. By arranging few keypoints for each airfoil coefficient (cl, cd, cm) the spreadsheet instantly soft interpolate the whole polar!

X-Plane features:
– Reasonable flightmodel
– Nice lowpoly 3D exterior model with normal maps
– Nice lowpoly 3D cockpit with basic flight functionality and openable canopy
– Custom sounds
– Autopilot and FMS
– Weapons functions
– Tail hook for carrier landing
– Brake chute
This add-on is free, just click the button above to download the latest version.
Actual version: 1.9
Run on X-Plane 11.33 or higher
Changes in version 1.9 (X-Plane 11.33):
– Canards now respond to elevator, ground speedbrakes and hydraulic pressure.
– So no more vertical canards with park brake which was weird.

Changes in version 1.8 (X-Plane 11.31):
– Little flightmodel fix
– Weapons position fix

Changes in version 1.7 (X-Plane 11.11):
– X-Plane 11 porting
– new PBR exterior material effect
– support for the new FMS
– added autopilot preselected airspeed knob

Changes in version 1.6 (X-Plane 10.45):
– landing gear lights will turn off when retracted
– less annoying transonic alert sound

Changes in version 1.5 (X-Plane 10.42):
– fixed a landing gear parameter to allow carrier catapult

Changes in version 1.4 (X-Plane 10.31):
– increased brake friction
– added visual-only feature: canard in vertical position at max park-brake

Changes in version 1.3 (X-Plane 10.30):
– fixed an amperage bad setting causing flashing displays
– added knob controlling NAV1 OBS course
– added basic FMS to load a flight plan
– added autopilot source: NAV1 or GPS
– added autopilot LOC function
– refinements in the artificial stability

Changes in version 1.2:
– fixed autopilot activation from cold and dark
– fixed ASRAAM missiles guidance
– roll rate improved a little
– pilot POV moved backward a little

Changes in version 1.1:
– fixed inverted rudder
– fixed jittering slats
– fixed nav freq knob
– fixed AMRAAM missiles guidance
– disabled auto-trim pitch loads
– reduced fuselage drag
– reduced rudder with aileron ratio (from -0.8 to -0.1)
– added total weight indication in cockpit
– added texture paint kit (psd file)
– added cockpit paint kit (psd file)
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