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P92 Eaglet, JS and SeaSky
– Widely used by student pilots for training –
The TECNAM P92 is an advanced microlight, two-seater side by side, single strut braced, high wing aircraft. The plane outstanding performance and flying qualities together with low operating costs, easy piloting and maintenance, make of this aircraft an excellent solution for the flying-schools and training activity and also for many other mission as touring, territory surveillance, patrol, etc. So, thanks to the good feeling to fly given from XPlane, you can try now the feeling of the P92!
X-Plane features:
– Accurate Flightmodel
– 3D visual model with normal maps
– 3D cockpit with manipulators and openable doors
– Default Garmin 430
– Customizable round instruments
– Alternative red liveries plus a white one for custom painting
– Including Flight Manual from real one (POH)
Find user and password in the first page of the Eaglet's manual PDF: look for the "Doc. n" at the bottom of the cover, and use this number both as user and password without dashes.
Actual version: 4.2
Run on X-Plane 11.30 or higher
Changes in version 4.2:
– Fixed conversely park brake handle on Eaglet model
– Added chocke lever on Eaglet model

Changes in version 4.1:
– Fixed magnetic compass behavior

Changes from X-Plane 10 to 11, version 4.0:
– Flightmodel corrections and X-Plane 11 compatibility

Changes in version 3.3:
– Flaps drag adjusted
- New X-Plane-Garmin-430 compatible
- Flaps drag increased a bit more
- Moveable HDG bug

Changes in version 3.2:
– Flaps drag adjusted
- Flaps infinitely adjustable between detents
- Km/h scale airspeed adjusted
- Auxiliary fuel pump added
- Carburator heat handle label added

Changes in version 3.1:
– Oil Press and Fuel Press Panel gauges data

Changes from X-Plane 9 to 10, version 3.0:
– Flightmodel corrections and X-Plane 10 compatibility
- Normal maps
- Little geometry (mesh) corrections on the Eaglet
- Digital trim on Eaglet panel

Changes from the old X-Plane 8 to X-Plane 9:
– New Eaglet model with VOR, ADF, DME instruments
- Customizable round instruments (the empty "T")
- 2 liveries plus a white one for custom painting
- 3D cockpit with manipulators technology
- Clickable trim buttons on the stick Instruments and flightmodel refinements
- Clickable buttons and knobs on the panel
- Openable doors directly with the mouse
- Fuel selectors in right place
Via S. Giacomo, 5 - 10091 Alpignano (TO) - Italy
Cod. Fisc. DRNMSM73T08L219P
P.I. IT11286130015
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