tecnam p2002


The P2002 Sierra (JF mean the certified version) is a two-seater side by side, low wing aircraft. The P2002 features superlative performance and flying qualities, now confirmed by hundreds of P2002 sold throughout the world and validated in 15 countries other than Europe.
The ease of piloting and maintenance make this aircraft an excellent solution for training in flight schools. It is also an ideal platform for surveillance and as well as, of course, for pure recreational and private use.

The Tecnam P2002 structure is based on a steel tubing cabin truss covered by aluminium sheets. The wing is all aluminium made and built with a single spar and full metal torsion box. The wing's leading edges incorporate the fuel tanks (50 Lt - 13.2 gal each). The sliding canopy allows 360° of vision in the cockpit and the wide slotted flaps, electrically activated, allow stall speed lower than 40 Kts and allows the aircraft to perform steep approaches and easier landings. The all aluminium ailerons are effective and ensure a quick roll rate without being overly sensitive.

  • Accurate flightmodel of a P2002 JF - fixed prop - 100hp
  • Detailed cockpit and exterior with animations, manipulators, normal map, ambient occlusion, specular map.
  • Garmin GNS530
  • Knots anemometer as well as Kmh
  • Propeller RMP as well as engine RPM
  • Removable wheel fairings
  • 4 liveries plus a white one for custom painting
  • Customizable round instruments (the empty "T": expert users)
  • Customizable switches (expert users)
  • Effects on the windshield: rain (just fixed drops), ice, birdstrike (need activation in Failures window)
  • CHANGES IN VERSION 1.1 (X-Plane 10.36):
  • Fixed dead artificial horizon from cold & dark situation
  • Fixed wrong call sign on the panel
  • Rebuilded the PDF of the POH (use a newer Acrobat Reader or a third part reader in case of trouble)
  • Added the girl as passenger (she come increasing the payload weight)
  • CHANGES IN VERSION 1.2 (X-Plane 10.36):
  • Added basic autopilot (S-TEC like).
  • Adjusted too low CHT and OILT indications.
  • Adjusted trim leds.
  • CHANGES IN VERSION 1.3 (X-Plane 10.50):
  • Fixed fuel selector behavior.
  • Improved knobs and magnetos key responsiveness (no more elusive hotspots).
  • CHANGES IN VERSION 1.4 (X-Plane 10.50):
  • Fixed fuel indicators.
  • CHANGES IN VERSION 1.5 (X-Plane 10.51):
  • Fixed flickering instruments.

P2002 JF POH