text batch

TextBatch is a simple utility who append the text you write in his text field to all the text files, with a certain file extension, located inside the selected folder.


  • Type the extension of the file if your target is not the default txt.
    You may want to batch as example html files, php files, etc.

  • Select the folder containing the files you want to process.
    The listbox to the right will be filled up with all the valid files inside the folder.
    The algorithm is not recursive (nested folders will be ignored)..

  • In the text field, type the text you want to append.
    If you don't type any carriage return at the beginning, the first character of your text
    will be append exactly after the last of the text in each file..

  • Press the Batch button!
    Be sure to make a backup copy of your files before start the process..