Blackshape Prime

A revolutionary carbon fiber ultralight aircraft

The BlackShape Prime is developed by the italian BlackShape , featuring a full carbon fiber frame, which makes for an extremely strong and low weight aircraft. The Prime combines sportiness with versatility and creates a flying experience unlike any other. Focused on power, speed, control, luxury and freedom, the Prime is the perfect aircraft for those looking to pilot innovation and excellent craftsmanship. The Prime cruises at 250 km/h (75% power) and has a maximum speed of 305 km/h. Exceptional take off and landing performance, coupled with the ease of handling and extremely sturdy landing gear, allow for use on short runways (150m takeoff and landing) including those that are unpaved surfaces or short grass.


Ready for Virtual Reality, featuring fmod sound immersion!

This model takes advantage from latest VR tecnology and fmod sound capability built into X-Plane.


Upgrade to the latest version

Find user (or serial number) and password in the first page of the POH (Pilot Operating Handbook) in the package you bought.

Free for existing customer

Change history

X-Plane 10.36 ➜ 10.51

From version 1.1 to 1.3

• New EFIS with multifunction buttons
• Autopilot fully integrated
• Fixed some issues with the mechanical altimeter
• Fixed magnetos switches: now work as expected
• Carb heat knob now is working
• Fixed ATIS/COM and no more annoying TCAS aural warning
• Increased Vle speed: safest range to extend landing gear
• Fixed barometric scale for the altimeter on the left

X-Plane 11.10 ➜ 11.30

From version 1.4 to 1.6

• X-Plane 11 upgrade
• Fixed rudder and elevator conversely animated
• Removed the globe from the map view
• XLua plugin added to set flaps to zero at startup
• Glideslope a bit more readable in front of artificial horizon
• Increased elevator and ailerons authority
• Wing and elevator airfoils slighty tuned
• Better roll prediction for autopilot
• Added a "Load flight plan" button on the EFIS
• Added Autopilot source button (NAV1/2 and GPS) on the EFIS
• Added Autopilot ability to follow heading bug
• Added "hidden" GNS430 by clicking on the moving map

X-Plane 11.50 ➜ 11.55

Version 2.0 (major upgrade)

• Flightmodel refinements
• Cockpit and exterior model refinements
• New liveries added
• New G1000 integration instead of the old EFIS
• Better propeller governor instrument
• VR ready manipulators
• New sound set using fmod technology


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